Working Digital

Contact person for link marketing in more than 20 countries

Founded in 2017, Working Digital has become a leading provider of high-quality link marketing across more than 20 countries. Our aim is to provide customers with comprehensive link marketing solutions from one central source. This approach allows for a unified link strategy and eliminates any language barriers between countries.
Our network consists of native speakers from various countries. We are connected with other SEOs and local writers in major core countries, allowing us to provide top-quality international link marketing services.

Working Digital differs from a normal SEO agency in various ways:

Working Digital
  • Network of local experts in all main countries we service
  • Available every day of the week – day or night
  • Flexible and dynamic
  • Group of motivated people who share in the profits
  • No contract terms
  • No minimum budgets
Traditional Agencies
  • Static with unique staff in one location
  • Strict business hours with a 40-hour work week
  • Rigid processes that never change
  • Employees
  • Minimum customers contract commitment from 6 to 12 months (most cases)
  • Obligation of minimum budgets (most cases)

Marcus Eckert

Specialist in link building and content strategies

I set up Working Digital myself and manage the business personally, which means I can offer my expertise to every client. Due to my long professional experience in SEO, which includes a special focus on link marketing, it was obvious for me to build up a professional network in the field.

  • I have been able to gain a lot of professional experience in SEO since 2008.
  • For 7 of those years, I was in a leadership position in an SEO agency.
  • Since 2017, I have been self-employed in the field of link marketing with Working Digital.

Working Digital is now one of the largest networks in Germany and Europe in terms of article placement opportunities. We are particularly proud of our broad customer base, which includes both agencies and direct customers from a wide range of industries, some of whom we support across several countries.

Allow me to share some information about my past roles so that you have a better understanding of the person responsible for overseeing this network.



2017 - today

smava GmbH

Head of SEO & Content Marketing

Smava is an online portal that compares loans from various German banks providing users with maximum transparency. In this competitive market, I led the SEO team in technical, content, and strategic matters.

2016 - 2017


Online Marketing Consultant

After the takeover of AKM3 GmbH by Performics, I continued working as a consultant for another two years and looked after both new customers and my own customer base in SEO matters.

2010 - 2016


Online Marketing Consultant

I started with AKM3 GmbH from its humble beginnings in a small rented apartment, and saw it grow into an internationally recognized SEO agency. As the company’s first permanent employee, I experienced every stage of its development over the course of 6 years, taking on various responsibilities and tasks, including:

  • Development and management of the international link building team
  • Development of tools that support and simplify internal workflows and processes
  • Development of new services for customers
  • Head of inquiry management
  • Supporting new and existing customers with SEO issues

2009 - 2010

InternetOne AG

Online Marketing Manager

InternetOne AG is a full-service agency for performance marketing in Cologne. My job focused on tasks related to affiliate marketing; especially in display advertising in the low-TKP area.

2008 - 2009

Hitmeister GmbH

Internship SEO/SEA

Hitmeister GmbH, which has since been taken over by real GmbH, was a marketplace platform for retailers. This is where I gained my first experience in SEO and SEA, where I was responsible for creating new landing pages and maintaining ongoing SEA campaigns.