Where are the articles placed?
We only use real projects! We do not have SEO spam or MFA pages in our portfolio, as such links offer no positive effects. So that there are no surprises, we will discuss the intended sources with you beforehand.

What sets Working Digital apart from other agencies?
Compared to other SEO agencies, partnering with us offers several advantages, including:

  • There are no contract periods.
  • We do not set a minimum budget.
  • As we have hardly any overhead costs due to our network structure, we are generally cheaper than traditional agencies.
  • We are available 24/7 and always provide direct and honest information – no “agency talk”.

How long do the articles remain online?
We typically provide a 12-month warranty that the link will stay active during this time frame. If the link is deleted during this period, we will reactivate the link or provide an equivalent replacement. We will handle the communication with the publisher in order to solve the problem satisfactorily. Once the initial 12 months have passed, there is no guarantee of continued service. However, we will do everything in our power to restore the link and manage all communication with the publisher.
The majority of the links we provide are long-lasting and will not expire within 24 months.
These guidelines are followed by almost all organizations, and we have also adopted them as our own standard of quality.

Is the creation of texts included in the service?
Text creation is included with most domains, but there are a few exceptions where the customer must provide their own content. If you prefer, we can create the missing content for a fee. This is simply a service where we cover our costs without adding any additional charges. However, you are also welcome to provide the texts yourself.

Can larger orders across several countries also be handled?
At Working Digital, we have built up a large network within Europe and beyond. Thanks to this network of specialists in the various countries we operate, we can handle large orders quickly and easily. Contact us and we will develop a plan to strengthen your web presence with high-quality links across different countries!

SEO – one of the most effective online marketing strategies for reaching your target audience. Contact us and together we will increase your visibility in the result pages of search engines!