In Italy, links are also one of the decisive ranking factors. We can create high-quality links for you on a wide range of topics and thus strengthen your web presence in the long term!
Italian Link Building
By partnering with us, you won’t need an Italian agency as we have already charted out this market for your convenience. We offer all the services you need under one roof.
Texts written by Italian Writers
The articles are written by native speakers. This allows us to provide top-quality content for the Italian market.
Available Every Day of the Week
We are not like traditional agencies with a 40-hour week. You can also reach us throughout the weekend. Urgent orders are processed immediately.
Absolute Transparency
Every result is reported. And of course, no text goes online without your approval. You are in control!


If you want to strengthen your Italian web presence but don’t want to increase your own SEO team headcount, outsourcing is the only option. At Working Digital, we specialize in link marketing and can fully map the Italian market for you. You don’t have to look for an Italian SEO agency. Instead, you can plan the implementation with us completely in German or English and always have a German or English contact person. This makes communication easier and eliminates misunderstandings!

You don’t have to search for a Spanish agency. Instead, you can communicate with us in German or English. There are no language barriers and if you have other countries in your portfolio, we can handle them as well. This allows you to receive a cohesive strategy from one source instead of having to coordinate with multiple agencies!

To effectively map out link building strategies for the Italian market, we have established a strong network of partners who provide us with valuable insights and connections within the local scene. Even in situations where you may struggle to gain access, our strong connections allow us to navigate successfully.

We have co-operation partners from various sectors in our Italian network:

  • Publishing houses
  • Theme portals
  • Agencies
  • Freelancers
  • Bloggers
  • and many more


Status Quo

  • More than 300 newspapers
  • Coverage of all topics
  • Over 2000 domains



  • Acquisition of new partners
  • Strengthening current relationships
  • New sources and improved pricing as a result


No matter what your website is about, our portfolio contains a wide range of relevant domains that can guarantee the placement of links related to your topic. With more than 300 newspapers alone, we provide high-quality article placements that can greatly increase the link power and boost your keywords in even the most competitive markets.

We currently have the capacity to assist you with the following topics in Italy:

  • News/Newspapers
  • Finances
  • Lifestyle
  • Medicine
  • Gaming
  • Food/culinary Delight
  • Health
  • Sports
  • Real Estate
  • Fashion
  • Economy
  • Cars
  • Housing
  • Education
  • Technology
  • Travel
  • Cosmetics
  • and many more


Article creation by native speakers
Article approval by the customer
Publication of article


At the start of a collaboration, we discuss which products and associated landing pages are to be strengthened. The most important keywords are then identified, from which we derive anchor texts.

Furthermore, the competition in Italy for your website will be analyzed and the level of link building needed to achieve a favorable ranking will be determined. Based on these figures, a decision is to be made about the budget and which landing pages it should be distributed to.

Once a monthly budget has been determined, we research Italian domains where relevant articles can be placed. We consult with you to agree on the chosen domains and define article topics for each one.

In the following phase, the articles move on to production. Our team of Italian writers crafts them to ensure high-quality text. Once completed, the texts are presented to you for review and any necessary modifications can then be made. This process guarantees that only content aligned with your company or product/service presentation is released.

Once the articles have been approved, the publishers position them online and we send you the URL where they can be accessed. This can take place either immediately after publication or at the end of the month in a global report.

It is crucial for us to guarantee that we only create links that you approve of during this process!


Are the Italian texts written by native speakers?
To support you in the Italian market with link building, all the texts we create for you are written by native Italian speakers. You send us a briefing and we create a suitable text based on your wishes. If you do not have any specific wishes for the content of the text, we will be happy to find ideas for you.

Can the texts be proofread before publication?
Of course, we will send you the finished article before publication. This gives you the opportunity to make adjustments and guarantees that your business is accurately portrayed online, in alignment with your desired image.

Where are the articles published?
We have a very broad network in the Italian market and can publish articles on various newspapers, magazines, and topic-specific websites. We can also cover niche topics with suitable domains.

Is it possible to book links only when needed to remain flexible?
With us, you are not bound by a minimum budget or a contract that runs for many months. You book links when you have a need and can flexibly increase or decrease the budget, as it suits you best. This way, you retain maximum flexibility in your budget planning.

If you need link building in the Italian market, we can offer you our qualified support. Simply contact us – together we will boost your rankings!

SEO – one of the most effective online marketing strategies for reaching your target audience. Contact us and together we will increase your visibility in the Italian market!